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Hello dear friends,
This post is going to answer the above mentioned question briefly...

As you know, in communication (orally and written) every thing depends on the meaning of messages; so, what in here I'm going to say is that it's important to decide which words or phrases are needed to be chosen and used in order to reach the intended meaning.

Ok! Now let's get back to our question...

When are we supposed to use "purpose" , "goal" , "target"?

  1. Purpose:
* When you want to explain about why you do something or why something exists:
-Ex: The purpose of the research is to try and find out more about the causes of the disease.

       2.  Goal:

* in sports:
- Ex1:Black kicked the ball towards the goal.
-Ex2: Only one goal was scored in the entire match.

* an aim or purpose:
- Ex:Our goal is for the country to be fully independent within two years.

       3. Target:

* in sports:
-Ex: I had four shots but I didn't even hit the target.
* an aim: a level or situation which you intend to achieve:
- Ex:The government's target of 3.5% annual growth seems easily attainable.
* as a verb:to direct advertising, criticism or a product at someone:
- Ex:The paper is targeted specifically at young people.

The idea of this post belongs to my dear friend Mohammad...

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Probably you may have asked yourself such question [What is the difference between 'test', 'exam' and 'quiz'?]...
or you may have the experience of using these words interchangeably...!
but the fact is:

an Exam or Examination is
 "  a written, spoken or particular test of what you know or can do:
    - Final exam/ mid-term exam;
      - entrance exam;
        - oral exam;
          - biology exam;

a quiz is "
      1- a short spoken or written test that is often taken without preparation:
          . pop quiz [A short test given to students without prior warning];

      2- a set of questions about a particular subject that people try to answer as a game or competition".

a test is "
      1- a set of questions or problems that are designed to measure a person's knowledge, skills, or abilities:
         . history test;
          . driving test;
           . IQ test.

       2- a careful study of a part of the body or of a substance taken from the body:
         .drug test;
          . pregnancy test".

Test vs. Exam

- 'Tests' are to check your knowledge on the subject;
- a 'test' sums up what you've just learned;
- a 'test' sounds shorter and less important
- an 'exam' summarizes everything you've learned that semester

  "A test is usually on a certain topic while exams are focused on the entire semesters work. Also exams are, most of the time, worth a lot more in terms of contribution to the year's work as opposed to tests".

Thanks to my dear friend, Mohammad, for asking this question.

- Oxford Learner's Wordfinder Dictionary,OUP, 1997
- Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary
- Wiki answers
- Yahoo answers

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1. Writing is a Habit, Not an Obligation

Writing may be innate for some people, but anyone can actually write well through lots of practice. During your free time, unsheathe your pen and pick up your journal or notebook. Go to a conducive venue then let your pen fly. Remember, you are writing because of the fact that you love to write, not out of pressure.

  • Personal Accounts - Write about some of the recent events that happened to you, since they are pretty easy to document. Apply some wordplay and the proper use of conjunctions, which improve the writing flow. When you have mastered that art of beautifying your personal accounts, you can move on to writing entries that resemble short stories.
  • Short Stories - Short story-type entries are enhanced versions of regular personal accounts. The scenes are lengthened and more descriptive. In addition, the use of appropriate adjectives is required to enhance a particular scenario or detail. You can also include dialogues to add some realism to your entry. For references, you can check out the novels made by reputable writers.
  • Essays/Articles - Essays and articles require a more serious and less playful form of writing. Instead of focusing on your personal accounts, you will shift your emphasis to your thoughts, ideas and especially, your opinions. The flow of essays is impeccable, so you have to organize your thoughts well and insert conjunctions from time to time.

Once you get accustomed to writing all three types, you can finally move to blogging. Knowing how to do the three writing styles will give you more options for presenting information, which is a plus in the world of blogging. The blog puts your work out in the open, so make sure that you edit your entries right after posting them.


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1 Grow and Grow up.

(a) Grow.

Don't say: These flowers grow up very quickly.

Say: These flowers grow very quickly.

(b) Grow up.

Don't say: When I grow I'll be a doctor.

Say: When I grow up I'll be a doctor.

To grow means to become bigger and to grow up means to become an adult.

2 Wear and Put on.

(a) Wear.

Don't say: Kathy always puts on black shoes.

Say: Kathy wears black shoes.

(b) Put on.

Don't say: I wear my clothes in the morning.

Say: I put on my clothes in the morning.

Wear means to have upon the body as a garment or as an ornament. To put on denotes a simple act.

3 Made from and Made of.

(a) Made from.

Don't say: The bowl is made of glass.

Say: The bowl is made from glass.

(b) Made of.

Don't say: The statue is made from marble.

Say: The statue is made of marble.

We usually use of when you can still recognize the original material. We use from when the original materials are unrecognizable. In most cases either is possible.

OK buddies, wanna add any kinda good examples? Have you ever faced to a person using such verbs interchangeably?

Please tell us about it!

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